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Tohatsu V75FS

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Features & Benefits

  • Sửa chữa, bảo trì định kỳ máy bơm chữa cháy
  • Đại tu sau 5-10 năm hoạt động dự phòng
  • Buôn bán máy cũ tân trang
  • Máy mới nhập khẩu 100%

The superior features and functions of TOHATSU V75FS provide the ultimate in handling, and performance.

1. Light weight and compact
A light weight, compact configuration is an essential factor for fast-response fire fighting, especially for a portable fire pump. The V75FS has a dry weight of only 98 kgs (216lbs), which means it can be carried by only 2 firemen and positioned anywhere there is a fire to be fought.

2. High power, highly reliable engine
A special engine was designed exclusively for use on the V75FS. This made it possible to match engine performance precisely to the needs of pump, while simplifying its overall construction.

3. High performance pump
The V75FS boasts the highest performance in the discharge capacity in its class of portable fire pump:
2,050 Umm. (542 US gals/min.) at 0.6 MPa
1,500 i/mm. (396 US gals/min.) at 1.0 MPa
(Suction height: 3 m)
The engine features a dual-barrel carburetor, dual intake with a resin reed valve and with high pumping efficiency of approximately 70%. The outstanding performance of the pump is made possible by the high performance of the engine and high pump efficiency.

4. Immediate priming
A TOHATSU designed vacuum pump provides the level of performance indicated by the following:
3.7 sec. At Hs = 1 m (Using 6 m suction hose)
4.1 sec. At Hs = 3 m (Using 6 m suction hose)
6.4 sec. At Hs = 6 m (Using 8 m suction hose)
This rotary vane type vacuum pump is able to lift water up to 9 meters (29.5 feet).

5. Superior suction
A precision molded, high-performance inducer makes it possible to perform discharge near the theoretical limit of high suction.

6. Unique auto choke carburetor
Because of Tohatsu's unique auto choke carburetor on this model, the engine will start easier in all seasonal temperature condition. There is no choke knob because no choke adjustment requires.

7. Fuel draining feature
After use the fuel remaining in the carburetor float chamber will deteriorate very quickly leading to hard starting, and possible engine damage. Model V75FS is equipped with a float chamber drain valve to provide easy removal of unused fuel in the carburetor. Fuel should be drained from the float chamber after each use to ensure consistent fast starting in future emergencies.

8. Engine overheat protection sensor
Overheat protection is provided on this model to safeguard the engine from cooling water loss, and to protect the pump without supplying water. This device will stop the engine automatically when the operating temperature reaches 80°C. A reset switch is provided to override the sensor after it stops the engine. This gives control to the operator in emergency situations.

9. Reliable electric starter and back-up recoil starter
An electric starter and back-up automatic recoil starter are installed to guarantee starting the engine under any condition.

10. Stainless steel fuel tank
A stainless steel fuel tank protects fuel against corrosion, ensuring long engine life.

Hose connection: Throughout the world there are different types of hose connection. We can supply some kinds of the adapters. Please consult your local dealer with regard to changing the thread at both the suction and discharge ports to fit the local adapters.

OK Monitor:
The OK Monitor check the following five points

* Vacuum Pump Oil Level Indication Lamp
This warning lamp lights up when the oil level in the vacuum pump oil chamber reaches a dangerous low level. The lamp lights up when 2/3rds of the oil has been used-and the oil must be tilled immediately.

* Fuel Level Alarm Lamp
The warning lamp lights up when the level of fuel in the tank is low (2/3rds EMPTY). Fuel should be added as nec-cessary. The tank should be kept fully topped up with fresh fuel.

* Pump Drain Cock Open Alarm Lamp
This warning lamp lights up when the drain cock of the main pump is open. After the pump has delivered water, a small amount of water will remain in the pump chamber. This should be removed by opening the cock. Close the cock after drainage has been completed. It would be difficult to prime the pump with this cock open, so check it frequently and also before starting the engine.

* Battery Specific Gravity Fluid (Electrolyte) Level Alarm Lamp
When this warning lamp lights up, it indi-cates that the battery requires attention. The electrolyte level may be low, in which case distilled water should be added to the correct mark. Should the lamp still indicate poor performance, then the battery requires charging.

Product Infomation


Xuất xứ: Nhật Bản

Bảo hành:

Máy tân trang: 06 tháng


Type: 2-Stroke, 2-Cylinder, Water cooled gasoline engine
Model: 2WT78GA
Bore & Stroke & No. of Cylinder: 78mm x 78mm x 2(3.07 in. x 2)
Dung tích xy lanh: 746 cc (45.52 cu.in.)
Công suất: 65 PS (47.8 kW)
Thùng nhiên liệu: Approx. 18 litres (4.76 US gals)
Fuel Consumption: 20 litres (5.29 US gals)/h
Starting System: Starter motor, recoil system and pull rope
Choke System: Auto choke system
Lubrication: Fuel mixture (Gasoline 30: engine oil 1)
Ignition: Flywheel magneto (C.D.I system)
Lighting Floodlight Projector: 12V - 35W
Lighting Pilot Lamp: 12V - 3.4W
Battery: 12V - 21 Ah/5h
Type: Single-suction, single-stage, high pressure turbine pump
Discharge Port Coupling (A):
JIS-B-9912 dimensions of screwed type coupling
for fire hose 2-1/2" (82.5 threads per inch,
angle of threads 55")
Suction Port Coupling (B): JIS-B-9912 dimensions of screwed type coupling
for fire hose 3-1/2" (1101 4 threads per inch,
angle of threads 55")
Priming: Rotary-vane vacuum pump
Pump Performance:
(Suction height : 3 m)
Over 2,050 (Over 542 gals)/min at 0.6 MPa
Over 1,500 (Over 396 gals)/min at 1.0 MPa
Overall Length: Approx. 739mm (29.0 inch)
Overall Width: Approx. 663mm (26.1 inch)
Overall Height: Approx. 754mm (29.6 inch)
Mass: 98 kg(216 lbs)
Max. Suction Height: Approx. 9m (29.5 feet) (over 64 cmHg)

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